Armagnac and Côtes de Gascogne

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Vineyards ofCôtes de Gascogne and Armagnac


Côtes de Gascogne vineyards are planted on hillsides in the middle of South-West. Gascony typically enjoys sunny days and cool nights, which lend the full expression to the wines. Whites are made from the Colombard, Sauvignon, white Ugni, and Gros manseng varieties. They are intense with distinctive aromas, packed with fruity hints of citrus and exotic fruits and/or floral notes of white flowers and boxwood.
Armagnac is the oldest french eau-de-vie. Art of ageing, developed in the 18th century, added aromas, colour and roundness to the spirit. The production area was delimited and the appelation created in the 20th century.
Explore the untouched landscapes of this amazing heritage !